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Shanon & Matthew are Consultants, Copywriters/Editors  & Graphic Designers who have worked with major organizations such as Google, Accenture, the FBI, the US Navy & the US Marine Corps in various capacities, specializing in strategic communications, business development & marketing. Let us help you get creative, and meet your audience where they are.



We're experts in building and managing programs in the Government & Private sectors. We specialize in strategic communications, intelligence/market research, military employment/transition, and marketing.


Copywriting / Editing

Shanon has managed and written newsletters, executive speeches, Facebook pages & blogs reaching audiences of 9000-190,000 worldwide. She has a flair for the creative, punny, and sometimes sassy voice needed to make your audience think and laugh.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Design

We specialize in designing stickers, magnets, mugs & T-shirts - merchandise that will make your brand stand out. From cowboy action shooting clubs to major birthday bashes, we've got you covered!

Join our journey

Shanon & Matthew are full time travelers, veterans & soon to be parents, inspiring people to think creatively to build the life they've always dreamed of. Follow our blog to explore the world with us and get inspired to create your own adventure.

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